Season 2019 will start in March…Bookings are now possible!


Are you coming on Lake Como in 2019? Book in advance your boat rental experience with us, the “High Quality Boat Rental Company on Lake Como“. 

Booking in advance you will obtain the same rates of 2018, also if the prices will be amended during the next few months.

But that’s not all….During the season 2019 we will offer lots of new opportunities for your pleasure on lake:

  • Brand new boats
  • Completely restyling of our historic boats
  • possibility to rent a luxury wooden boat with Captain.Further informations are available on:

To book it is not necessary to pay in advance, we only ask for a credit card number (and its expiration date) just for guarantee….and in case of bad weather the cancellation is for free!!!

Get more informations and book now writing us